Energy Saving


The aim of this mission is to reduce the electrical bills and fuel consumption as well as to create proposals to improve the system operating cycles. This mission is divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Site survey to check the below items:

  1. Standby generator conditions and fuel consumption
  2. Detailed checkup of individual equipment condition (UPS, fans, pumps, lighting...)
  3. Systems sequence of operation
  4. Evaluation of network parameters such as harmonic distortion, power factors etc.
  5. Power measurement for network branches


Detailed report including observation along with recommendations is issued. The report focuses on the below topics:

  1. Status of the existing systems, their functionality and their reliability
  2. Schedule of needed modifications:

  • Systems needed to be replaced and/or added
  • Operation amendment in order to upgrade the efficiency
  • Modifications needed to increase the power factor
  • Updated Power Riser
  • Recommendation for systems sequence operation and feasibility of automated systems control
  • Expected saving in bills in accordance with modifications implemented
  • Budget estimation relating to the recommended upgrade
  • Action plan concerning the recommended modifications and improvement taking into consideration service steadiness
  • Expected return on investment.

Phase 2: Coordination with client pertaining to the below topics:

  1. Overview concerning the benefit of each single proposed change to the performance, enhancement and safety of the full project
  2. Coordination with the client concerning the schedule of the work in order to minimize the impact on the continuous operation of the project
  3. Review of the budget in accordance with the ROI
  4. Client proposal for the most convenient systems sequence of operation that suits
    its application