´╗┐ESC design documents include: 

  1. ´╗┐Normal and emergency lighting design 
  2. Lightning and earthing systems
  3. Electrical power networks including medium voltage, low voltage, standby generators, networks fed from UPS, etc.
  4. Security & extra low voltage systems
  5. Building management system
  6. Telecommunication systems
  7. Storm water networks
  8. Soil and waste water networks
  9. Water distribution networks
  10. Potable water networks
  11. Firefighting networks
  12. Heating networks
  13. Solar systems
  14. Air conditioning systems
  15. Smoke management and ventilation systems
  16. Gas and fuel networks
  17. Steam systems
  18. Compressed air systems
  19. Detailed book of specifications
  20. Detailed bill of quantities