Concept creation


The ESC team have extensive collective experience enabling them to produce a detailed concept design report which records the design concepts for major aspects of the project that might be worth developing as detailed designs. The report also identifies instructions required from the client.

The concept design report might include:

  1. The aims and objectives of project
  2.  Identification of constraints including local authority requirements and building regulations
  3.  Weight and locations of major equipment such as transformers, standby generators, chillers, etc.
  4.  Geothermal requirements
  5. Outline specifications for building services systems
  6. Sustainability
  7. Statement of how the design meets the client’s needs including the following:
  • Adopted safety and installation standards
  • Allocated power per space
  • Power distribution concept
  • Power management
  • Lighting concept and controls
  • Fire strategy
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strategy

The concept design report should only include required, or key coordinated information and necessary interpretation and should not duplicate information that already exists elsewhere