Design Review


The aim of the design review is to verify the full compliance of the design documents with the safety and installation standards and to ensure that the design is in line with the approved design brief report.

The main items to be checked throughout the design review phase can be summarized as follows:

  1. Check the calculation notes provided by the designer and ensure that the specified equipment capacities and characteristics are in line with the project requirement.
  2. Ensure that all electrical rooms, transformer vaults and closets are not to be located directly below showers, laboratories, kitchens, dishwashing areas or other areas where water service is present. Pipe containing liquids or gases are also not to pass through these rooms.
  3. Technical space dimensions are suitable to accommodate the specified equipment.
  4. Technical space locations are suitable for the cables / ducts / pipes routing.
  5. Check that the MEP systems are designed in line with the safety and installation standards.