Invitation to tender


ESC team will prepare the invitation to tender which includes information describing the goods or services required in sufficient detail to enable the tenderer to prepare an accurate tender in a prescribed format so that it is easy to compare with others.

An invitation to tender might include:

1. Letter of invitation to tender

2. Form of tender

3. Form of contract, contract conditions and amendments

4. Tender pricing documents including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Design drawings. 
  • Book of specifications.
  • Bill of quantities.

5. Instructions to tenderer explaining the tender process

6. The timescale for the tender process (including the address and time for the return of tenders)

7. An explanation of how queries will be dealt with

8. The evaluation process and any evaluation criteria

9. The submission required in response to the invitation to tender

10. Policy in relation to alternative or non-compliant bids

11. Policy for providing feedback to unsuccessful tenderers